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Private Parties and Retreats

The Private Parties are one couple on one couple experiences where the focus is on learning and practice. Instead of being in a Party with 2 or 3 learning couples all being taught, guided and aided by the one Teaching Tantric Couple, you would be the sole focus of the exchange and discovery event.

We always have a good discussion first with wine,juice or tea, going over what to expect and what you are looking for as well.

We use a double platform so that 2 receivers( one guide and one student) can lie down and be massaged simultaneously by the 2 givers, one giver is the guide and one giver is the student.

You would be continually side by side with your skilled guide as they demonstrate live on your partner as you practice while you watch, receiving expert feedback as well, moment by moment from the guide you are practicing on.

This method allows you to learn from initial and on-going instruction, observation of live demonstration added to the immediate feedback you are getting, working on someone who knows exactly what a Tantric Massage should feel like.

After we have completed the first half of the evening we break for snacks,drinks and bathroom and go over what we experienced.

We return upstairs to complete the evenings activities by changing the positions of the givers and receivers so everyone gets to learn and to be pampered.

This gives the most indepth and complete Tantric discovery, learning and pleasure evening ever.


The session is 3 hours for $600.



Also coming soon; Private Tantric Island Retreat | Afternoon and Evening Sessions | Days | Overnights | Weekends.







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