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Gays & Lesbians

Gay Tantra

We can, with patience and some investment of belief, get past a static view of our erotic and spiritual motivation/initiative to attempt some conscious influencing of these phenomena into more a living, changeable presence with no fixed pose of attitude.

Further, CHI is the electric charge moving you, making your transformations happen. It is the current driving your creativity, your zest and your contentment, grappling with the dark forces of depression and sadness, which have at times seemed rather monstrous.


Yang is active, volatile and expansive.

When two men make love, each man's yang charges the others, increasing rather than diminishing their sexual drive.

Men need the ability to be multi-orgasmic, as it is common that they have two or more a night. With this practice you are going to be able to fully satisfy this desire whether you have a partner or not. The expansiveness of yang energy is hard to contain and will want to escape through the most direct route - the penis.

The object of much of today's sexuality is to get it up and off. Ejaculation is understandable because it allows for satisfaction of sexual desire: once a man ejaculates he becomes more ying- stable, internal and contractive.

The endless cycle of ejaculation is extremely depleting to your body and immune system. Tantric cultivates your own ying energy and spreads your expanding yang energy throughout your body.

Channeling this energy and containing it, is the way to become multi orgasmic and to experience whole body orgasms that will be more satisfying than the normal genital ejaculation as is customary for most men.

As explained by B.J. Santerre, Gay Healing Tao instructor,

"If you conserve your semen, you are going to be able to go back to the heydays when people
would go to the bathhouses and have orgasms all night long.

When you learn this practice, you are able to do the same thing,but you will not exhaust yourself. "


The Elite Massage Donation:

         1 hour - $150        Exploring The Edge (one Tantrika)

     1.5 hour - $200           Riding The Edge (one Tantrika)

          2 hour - $300           Realizing The Edge (one Tantrika)

              1 hour - $350           Pleasuring The Edge (two Tantrikas)

For further requests or details contact us.

Please note that advance appointment is required.

Lesbian Tantra

Love between women can be a celebration of and an initiation into the female creative spirit, the feminine mysteries. When we open to the great feminine, the holy space that is the foundation of the world, making love becomes sacred.

Lesbians hold the form of womanpower at its most profound. Many lesbians seek to identify us from an inner source of woman wisdom. With each act of loving we can embrace this deep inner space and explore the possibility of returning to our original perfection. Woman loving woman can be an alchemical process, which reaches into our very cells.

Through the purity of this energy we may recognize the essential wholeness of nature. We know ourselves as "virgin," meaning one-in-herself, belonging to no man. Lesbian sacred sexual love has the potential to awaken and reunite us with the divine source of our being. Whether or not we have sexual partners depends on many factors, including our circumstances, our karma and our life purpose.

Sex is sex. It is not our partner's gender that makes our sex sacred. It is the consciousness that we bring to our sexual acts that makes them sacred, whether we are making love to ourselves or with a partner.

Lesbian love is sacred when it is visionary, interconnected and transformational. Through the power of love we come to know ourselves as both mothers/ creators of our lives and as daughters / caretakers of the earth. Our lives and our work can become expressions of this wisdom and power.

- Diane Mariechild -

The Pleasuring

Level 1: Tantric Sensual Massage                 

Towels are covering the pelvic and breasts area, in accordance with each individual’s tastes, desires and modesty. Your entire body is caressed and massaged sensually with strokes feathering right up to the toweled areas, but not going under or over. A gradual, energy building is set into motion by your requests and desires. During the energy raising process of your massage, (when you become more sensually alive) you may decide at any time to change your original choices. 

The Raising

Level 2:  Tantric Erotic Massage

Release yourself to your body’s needs while totally unclothed and openly express your desires to the giver. The erogenous zones are caressed and tender massage strokes are used to slowly raise warm tingling energy, while staying on the edges and surfaces of the “Yoni” entrance. Begin to float as this sexual energy is raised to peaks of excitement, (bathe in the erotic bliss in valleys between peaks) transferring your sexual excitement from your core to your entire body.

Your body erotic region receives, with love and gentleness, many wonderful new sensations that you have never felt.

The Journey

Level 3:  Tantric Yoni Massage

There is nothing more powerful then your femininity to indulge in. This unique session brings you total freedom, unclothed with no inhibitions into an incredible journey of peaks and valleys. Allowing you to experience sexual energy flowing through non-sexual tissues and organs from head to toe for the good of your entire body. You may orgasm (more than once…) as a natural occurrence of your sexual inner femininity.

Elite Tantric Massage Donation

Level 1:     The Pleasuring     $120/hr

Level 2:     The Raising          $160/hr

Level 3:     The Journey        $200/hr

For further requests or details contact us

Please note that advance appointment is required.

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