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"Riding the Wave"

Tantric Female Massage (Yoni)

Tantra has the wisdom to understand that the spiritual and sexual needs of a woman are really inseparable.


Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a view of love and respect.

Our approach is for you to feel wild and wonderfully alive as you are pampered in a room designed for sensuality, relaxation, and above all your unique pleasure. Sensual, music, colors and textures combined with candles and aromas to complement the atmosphere. Allowing you to surrender to the hands of an expert.

Our goal in any of the three levels of massage is to release all tension built up over time. We generously and freely revive your core energy; channeling and guiding the flow throughout your body.

Let your inner self thoroughly relax into the deliciousness of “Riding the Wave” and release your mind, excepting only the pleasure received. Lie back and savor how luxuriously it surrounds you and consciously let the chi, the erotic energy, flow from your core to all the rest of your body. Feel and imagine the tingling energy being distributed throughout your entire being.

Our sessions are designed to achieve the goals of Tantric, to incorporate your wishes and desires, and to respect and allow for all levels of modesty with utmost consideration.

The underlying purpose is to provide an atmosphere of safety and comfort that allows you to relax fully. At that time your sexual energy slowly but freely builds up within yourself. It is then moved right through for all over sensory enjoyment as well as allowing the stimulated energy to benefit the body from within.

All ladies sessions open with relaxed communication to determine your comfort level, expectations and any goals you may wish to have addressed or included in your massage.

Upon entering our Tantric sanctuary, quiet the mind and bring freedom to your feelings, your sensations and pleasures. Your back (from head to toe) will be anointed with special oils, caressed and pampered to total relaxation, calmed to your core. Fifteen minutes of indulging yourself to feel the first awakenings of your erotic energy within you.

Always taking into account YOUR wishes and desires, the sexual energy raising part of your session begins. Where you are now massaged, caressed and above all pampered, in a manner that gently and slowly raises your sexual energy. With a change in focus and breathing pattern, your core energy will be moved throughout your body sending waves of tingling orgasmic sensation from your head to toes.

This is performed repeatedly in your session, allowing you to find that floating timeless space of true contentment and pleasure that is within us all.

After luxuriating between peaks and valleys for an extended time, you will be raised up to one final height, “The Big Draw”, where you are cocooned in a unique manner to savor your entire experience.

Our hands are gently removed, allowing you to lie there quietly, letting your mind drift off into a meditative state, thus fully floating in this extended experience of heightened sexuality. We return with a hot wet towel, lovingly kindness and cleanse your pores.

Since women can sometimes enjoy stimulation all the way through one orgasm and into the next, there is little or no need for them to hold back in any way. Having orgasms in a series can cause arousal levels to float for a long time at a very high level.

We then chat about your new expectations, your new goals, and of course your next visit.

Below are some prearranged guidelines as to how you may wish to have your session.

Discover your true inner self and take pleasure in the journey.

The Pleasuring


Level 1: Tantric Sensual Massage                 

Towels are covering the pelvic and breasts area, in accordance with each individual’s tastes, desires and modesty. Your entire body is caressed and massaged sensually with strokes feathering right up to the toweled areas, but not going under or over. A gradual, energy building is set into motion by your requests and desires. During the energy raising process of your massage, (when you become more sensually alive) you may decide at any time to change your original choices. 

The Raising

Level 2:  Tantric Erotic Massage

Release yourself to your body’s needs while totally unclothed and openly express your desires to the giver. The erogenous zones are caressed and tender massage strokes are used to slowly raise warm tingling energy, while staying on the edges and surfaces of the “Yoni” entrance. Begin to float as this sexual energy is raised to peaks of excitement, (bathe in the erotic bliss in valleys between peaks) transferring your sexual excitement from your core to your entire body.

Your body erotic region receives, with love and gentleness, many wonderful new sensations that you have never felt.

The Journey

Level 3:  Tantric Yoni Massage

There is nothing more powerful then your femininity to indulge in. This unique session brings you total freedom, unclothed with no inhibitions into an incredible journey of peaks and valleys. Allowing you to experience sexual energy flowing through non-sexual tissues and organs from head to toe for the good of your entire body. You may orgasm (more than once…) as a natural occurrence of your sexual inner femininity.

Elite Tantric Massage Donation

Level 1:     The Pleasuring     $120/hr

Level 2:     The Raising          $160/hr

Level 3:     The Journey        $200/hr

With two Tantrikas or one, ask for the gender of your choice for any of the specified massages.

Lengthier sessions are available.

For further requests or details contact us

Please note that advance appointment is required.

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