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"Riding the Love"

Tantric COUPLES Massage  

Feel wonderfully alive

Experience richer passion 

Enjoy greater vitality

Relax into the present

Expand your orgasmic potential

Fully open yourself to letting go

Discover the difference between love and sexuality

Develop newfound expertise

Uncover deeper intimacy

What is "Riding The Love" ?

        Couples who come to us for private sessions are often nervous at first, not really knowing what to
         expect with this being a new experience. That’s very natural. The unknown is soon put aside as you
         are introduced to relaxation in the beautiful space that we provide, where
sensuality and seductiveness
         awaits you for your own explicit pleasure.

        Feel wild and wonderfully alive as you both are pampered in a room designed for sensuality, relaxation,
         and above all your unique pleasure. Seductive sensual music, colors and textures combined with
         candles and aromas to complement the atmosphere, allowing you to surrender to the hands of experts.

        Our Elite Erotic Massage aims at spreading sexual energy throughout your bodies bringing tingling
         sensations never before experienced. You may be positioned to maintain eye and body contact with
         each other throughout your massages.

       Close communication is key in Tantric, giving details that are important to you, helps greatly in getting
         you to float in your orgasmic state.

       The two Tantriks giving, work closely together to create a flowing seamless massage, which allows the
         receiving couple to
relax, build sexual energy within, and begin to feel an erotic high. This takes them to
         the point where women begin 
“Riding the Wave”  and men begin Riding the Edge”.


Couples "Observer" Session

Especially for individuals, whom enjoy observing while another receives pleasure. While your companion is indulging in a complete erotic Elite Tantric Massage, you sit comfortably and capture all of these delights. Clothing is entirely optional for the observer. Participating in the breathing ritual and anointing of the oil brings both a sense of closeness and ease before continuing with the session. If you wish to fully participate you are welcome to opt for the unique Couple's Interactive Session.

1 Hour Session         $250

Couples "Lovers" Massage

This is for the couple who wish to be thoroughly pampered at the same time.  Share this unique experience of a simultaneous side by side Tantric Massage. Be held in a wonderfully erotic state of bliss together for an incredibly extended time. Hear and see your partners`   reactions to ancient erotic techniques provided by a caring expert. Be transported to new heights, share new sensations and discover a way to improve your vitality and health using your sexual energy in a new intelligent manner.

1.5 Hour Session       $450

Couples "Interactive" Session

A more involved learning session for couples that desire to tune up their sexual abilities, knowledge and pleasure. The idea is to have fun, laugh and get pampered. The best is learning an art in massaging which brings new levels to sexuality through your body energy. Both will discover how to receive and how to give an Elite Tantric pleasure.

2 Hour Session        $400

2.5 Hours Session      $450



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