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"Riding the Edge"

Tantric Male Massage (Lingam)

Go where you have never gone before

Take a Tantric journey to electric sexual heights

Hover in your near orgasmic state

Riding the Edge" is where you float erotically yet free from care for an extended period of time

 Thoroughly pampered at the hands of an expert!

Feel that sexual energy tingle and course all through your body

Discover something better then sex!

What is “Riding the Edge”?

 In Riding the Edge”, you have sexual energy raised as we massage your chest, your stomach, your genital area and your thighs. Our focus is mainly on your genital area, as this is where the full force of your sexual energy exists.

We raise that area to a peak of sexual excitement but before you go over “the edge”, we spread that tingling orgasmic energy up your chest and down your thighs sending incredible pleasure all over.

This calms your core to some extent allowing us to re-stimulate you to a new peak. That sexual energy is re-spread again throughout. This continues for most of your session through close communication.

                     Coming close to your peak repeatedly, floating in your orgasmic state, is Riding the Edge”.

What is the goal?

Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage; it is about being in the erotic vibration and staying there!

Your extended pleasure is the goal.

First you need to RELAX and learn to RECEIVE.

Your traditional sexual conditioning has you in a doing and goal-oriented mode or to get it up and off. We allow you to discover your softer, more receptive side and let you experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.

 Our approach is to massage the entire genital area, Lingam, testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot   (prostate massage) and allow you to surrender to a prolonged form of heightened sexual bliss you may not be used to or have ever experienced. 

When will it blow your mind?

If you choose to let go and ejaculate, we encourage your deep Tantric breathing during your phenomenal orgasm. It will blow your mind, especially if you have come close and held back at least SIX times before ejaculating.

Holding back six times charges up the sexual battery with tremendous energy. It is then your choice as to where you want to send this energy -- out with your ejaculate (the prevailing paradigm) or inward for other uses (men who perform “The Big Draw” are able to channel this energy into other areas of their being).

Upon completion of the best massage of your life (one full hour), we gently remove our hands and allow you to lie there quietly and let your mind drift off into a meditative state allowing you to fully float in this extended experience of heightened sexuality.


The Elite Massage Donation:

1 hour - $200        Riding The Edge (one Tantrika)

     2 hour - $400        Realizing The Edge (one Tantrika)

         1 hour - $400        Pleasuring The Edge  (two Tantrikas)

 Please note that advance appointment is required.

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