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Tantric Massage Exchange Parties

Combines the best of Tantra, and all Lifestyles

Couples - Break Out and Party!

Singles - Join Our Group!

Brings all interested three plus hours of the best “beyond belief” erotic energy party you will ever experience
which permits
everyone involved to reach and hold a true orgasmic state.

YOU put Tantric practice into action and with others of like mind

Come discover your bliss in ecstatic states of erotic fun and passionate play


Our Massage Exchange Parties are held in our private Toronto Suite designed for intimacy, enjoyment and above all, your unique pleasure.
Seductive sensual music, combined with fun-mixers to compliment the party theme.


Dress casual and most importantly, make yourself comfortable. For individuals feeling slightly uncomfortable
unclothed during intermission, bring along a wrap around or similar.


Our unique party style features Tantric massage techniques, sensual energy sharing, partaking and communicating together
to help you to slow down while relaxing into states of orgasmic energy and get beyond goal-oriented speedy orgasms.
This is followed by free-flowing Tantric discussions for couples and singles (gender balanced). The Tantric path employs sensuality and erotic play to expand consciousness through the transformative power of orgasmic energy.

This novel approach combines positive eroticism and gentle loving energies which elevates lovemaking to a high level. We create a safe, comfortable environment for newcomers while sensual enough for experienced play couples. Our highly trained professional team supports and encourages you to maximize your experience in a safe, playful ambience. 

The introduction of the evening is informal, casual "mixer" exercises where we get to know one another.
We're here to learn about
your personality and desires.  

Second segment
is where one partner learns how to receive a Tantric Massage and the other learns how to give one. 
In this section, we focus on the chakras: relationship and communication skills, sacred ceremonial Tantric rituals,
the secret between sex and touch, party mixer accessories, icebreakers, and most importantly--the secret between sex and touch. 

In the third element of the evening we reverse the partner role.
The individuals who received the Tantric massage earlier will be the giver and so forth.

In between segments a break of wine and hors d'oeuvres are served.
We regale over the session and what is still to come.  

Tantric Massage Exchange Parties are safer then SEX!


Who comes to our Tantric Massage Exchange Parties? 

We get many
curiosity seekers and beginners in the Tantric Experience. They like the erotic atmosphere and seductive energies that fill the air when people get excited and turned on.  We also have couples that seek other couples or individuals to create on-going relationships and repeated experiences.  We get a few who enjoy the experience only and wish to avoid emotional intimacy. All choices are valid and we respect and honor each person's personal preferences.  


Please be on time. These events are planned, either too early or too late are both an inconvenience to the remaining guests.
This is the opportunity to express your limitations, expectations, desires and boundaries.

Gender Balance

Our Tantric Massage Exchange Party is mostly gender balanced. Single men and women are admitted as openings become available. 
If you are a couple and interested in meeting single men or women, let us know.


Registration as a single does not guarantee you admittance but does get you on the waiting list. 
It's your responsibility to inform us when you're available to attend a party as a single. 
Bring a friend or ask them to meet you here. 


For all the explained above, an entire afternoon or evening of either learning how to allow ladies to
"Ride the Wave" at your hands or being able to "Ride the Edge"
at the hands of those same ladies, allocate a total
of three hours plus. We wish to know from all our interested parties which time and day/evening openings
are most convenient for each so we may put them in the most appropriate group.


This event is rated SE for Sexually Explicit
and will have nudity, demonstrations of sexual and sensual touching techniques. You must set and maintain your own limitations. You must respect the restrictions of all other individuals and couples. Ask first.  No means no. No touching other participants without their expressed permission. No rude behaviour. Violators will be removed with no refund. 

Choose your party

EXCHANGE PARTY, where the givers exchange Tantric massage from one receiver to the next.


EXPERIENCE PARTY, where the giver experiences Tantric massage with the same receiver.

We would love for you to experience our
Tantric Group Party. Our parties combine the best of Tantra, sensuality, sacred sexuality and the secret of loving touch.  Most, who have experienced our special combination of partying and Tantra, leave feeling more connected, energized, informed and definitely blissful.

Each person is supported and encouraged in what their needs and wants are. We encourage honesty at all times.
In our Group Party atmosphere you experience the
best, incredible erotic voyage of new sexual heights.

Our Group Party event requires a 50% deposit to hold your time and space. The balance is due 2 weeks before the party.

 The registration form must be submitted, and deposit received to make your booking.

Please be on time.  Refund policy is strictly adhered to.  These events are planned and begin on time.  No late admittance. 

All information stays confidential.

Length of Event: Three Plus Hrs.

Method of Payment: Paypal, Credit Card, Money Order

Participation fee:

Couples: $400

Single male: $400

Single Female: $200

If cancellation is necessary put notice in writing and email to info@elitetantricmassage.com
The receiving date determines the cancellation date and the amount of refund, if any, you receive.


 If you cancel 2 weeks or more prior to the event start date, your cancellation fee is $100 per booking.
If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior, your 50 % deposit is non-refundable.
Your credit card will automatically be billed upon scheduling the event start date.

I have read the cancellation policy and I agree to its terms and conditions. 

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