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Frequently Asked Questions


What does "Yoni" mean?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a view of love and respect.

What does "Lingam" Mean?

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." In Tantra / Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honored as a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure.

What is "The Big Draw" ?

The Big Draw is how you, male or female, wish to end your orgasmic state and to benefit from all the erotic energy you have generated within your erotic furnace. You want to raise it up to your mind and to have it flow throughout your whole body . (and, I think, to take your mind off your genitals a bit)

You begin with rapid breathing (with your giver) then you take three deep breaths and hold the last and tighten up every muscle in your body. You consciously think of each part while you lie on your back.

Raise your legs and your shoulders and head so you are balanced on your butt.

Remember to tighten your butt muscles to benefit fully.

Grimacing as you tighten your face and arms and hands, etc. Hold this for 10 -20 seconds (NO MORE!) then relax COMPLETELY and do not move a muscle for as long as you want. Just let go of everything.

Let your mind savor how good you have just been to yourself and be aware of whatever you feel, sad - happy - content - whatever; again, let this awareness just flow across your mind as if your mind were swimming in a refreshing, nurturing current of aliveness.

Thanks to Joseph Kramer

What is Eastern Tantra?

Eastern Tantra is an ancient, spiritual method meaning, “weaving or expanding”, which brings together the cultivation of energy with the raising of consciousness.

Tantra involves quieting the mind and brings freedom to focus on our feelings, our sensations and pleasures. We awaken the sexual energy in us in a prolonged slow movement through our bodies creating heightened all-over body vibrations, deep relaxation and a clarity of the mind. 

What is Western Tantra?

Western Tantra is categorized as three distinguishing principles:

    it recognizes sexual energy as the dynamo of our aliveness

    it celebrates our pleasure in being and

    it works on a principle of expansion.

Our sexual energy is the source of our aliveness. Tantra teaches us how to nourish our sexual energy in ways, which bring greater wholeness into our lives, connecting sex with heart and spirit

The Pleasure Principle is one of our most fundamental driving forces as human beings.  We naturally seek pleasure.  Most spiritual traditions worry about this. They worry that if we take delight in the senses, we will be distracted from connecting with the “higher” truths of the more timeless world of the spirit. Tantra teaches that the senses are the gateway to enlightenment.

 Tantra is the path of expansion.  Tantric practice teaches us how to consciously nourish and expand our capacity for pleasure, healing the conditioning that cuts us off from embracing our wholeness as physical, passionate, and intellectual and spiritual beings.  We learn to celebrate the energy, which is expressed in all these forms. 

Tantra has the power to transform the quality of our lives in every area of experience – expanding our capacity for sensual pleasure, opening our hearts to greater intimacy in our relationships, freeing our creativity, and enriching the inner life of the spirit.

Is Tantric Breathing the same as normal everyday breathing?

Not at all, here's the difference,

Try this right now, sitting at your computer:

  • To strengthen and deepen the breathing, breathe deeply into the bottom of your lungs.
  • Inhale through your mouth as if sucking an ice cube and with your hands on your navel, feel your navel area expand as you breath in deeply.
  • Then exhale with some force, creating a sigh noise (ah-ah) and feel your navel area pull back in.

You disengage of all physical tension as you breathe out. As in anything, repeat this several times until relaxed.

 When is the breathing most important?

The idea is that once the arousal starts to build in the genital area and you get into the train of being more and more aroused and orgasmic, that is when the breathing is the most important.

You feel as if you have the ability to scoop up that power of arousal and pleasure and spread this energy through out your body. Suck the air in and then intensify the sigh out.

The importance of this sighing out brings you the ability to let go of everything in your mind and body. The sounds in the throat actually help you avoid other invading thoughts and keep your energy flowing, allowing you to stay in the present.

All the effort is done in the inhale breath. Relax with the exhale breath and let go. At the beginning you want to go slow but then arousal sets in and you go faster and faster as you have more charge building up in the body.

This breathing makes you stay in the present and allows waves of bliss to flow easily.

You really don't expect me to make those deep breathing sounds out loud do you? 

Yes, we really do!

What else can you tell me about the breathing?

When you receive a Tantric massage for the first time, you could find yourself feeling different. You might even discover this breathing to be distracting or annoying.


Our western methods have not taught us differently! So now you are turned on and maybe even contemplate sex but then gradually the body reacts to this breathing bringing incredible charges!!!

Then, WOW, a magical occurrence happens. The breathing is then no longer a distraction and wanting sex is no longer the issue.

Aspects of the Tantric breathing:

  • This breathing encourages the muscles of the body to relax, even during high erotic states. It also maintains you in the present moment, making it difficult to wander off.
  • As the massage progresses and the erotic charges build, the breathing helps circulate the energy through out your body.
  • We work very closely with you, to help and participate with you in your breathing.
  • Direction is given throughout your Tantric experience to relax and enact the breathing at times, which aid the energy transfer the most.
  • We encourage you to let go of expectations of how sex should be or should feel. You merely have to receive.

Sex is about having pleasure, about not thinking and about not using your head. Sex is also about expanding and prolonging this feeling of letting go and so you should. This can be achieved through the Tantric method of breathing.

Tantric massage is a tool. It has three parts;

  • Genital stimulation with many different strokes,
  • Treating people in pleasurable ways,
  • And then the breathing.

Is there any risk of catching an STD?

There is no risk of STD transmission regardless of what sort of genital or anal pleasuring is being performed.


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